The People of Gibraltar
1936 - The Maiden Voyage of HMS Apollo - A.W. Ames

Amelia Loanes and Victoria Robinson 

As far as I can make out the light cruiser HMS Apollo had a rather odd history.  She entered service in 1936 and almost immediately set off on a lengthy maiden voyage to and from the West Indies that seem to have lasted for ever - or to be a bit more precise from January 1936 to until May 1938. Gibraltar was probably her first port of call. On her return to her home base in Devonport, HMS Apollo was promptly sold to the Royal Australian Navy and renamed HMAS Hobart. 

HMS Apollo

On board the Apollo during her maiden cruise was the ship’s official photographer A.W. Ames. An album containing a collection of some 190 photographs taken by Ames was recently placed on auction. Copies of the four Gibraltar photographs from this album are shown below.

The fish-selling lady on the right has been identified as Amelia Loanes nee Consigliero, the one on the left as her cousin Victoria Robinson. They are possibly taking a breather just outside their home address of 12 Castle Steps - a place known locally as "El patio Bosco".

The harbour area by night

American World War I Memorial

The Rock from the south showing the water catchment on the eastern side