The People of Gibraltar
1832 - John Frederick Lewis

Born in 1804, Lewis was a celebrated English painter best known for his Oriental and Mediterranean scenes.

John Frederick Lewis ( Sir William Boxall )

He lived in Spain from 1832 to 1843 and must have visited Gibraltar during this period as he is known to have produced several pictures of the Rock and its people. Here are the few I have been able to trace.

 Fishermen (detail)

The Rock 

Jewish Woman of Gibraltar in Fiesta Dress

Jewish Woman of Gibraltar ( Same model as for the above )

For unknown reasons Lewis did this particular sketch twice. The one on the right sold recently for £16 000

Jewish Woman of Gibraltar

 And another one - in my opinion the most attractive of the lot

Felucca off Gibraltar

Smugglers from Gibraltar travelling to Gaucin

Contrabandistas from Gibraltar - probably in Ronda

José María 'el Tempranillo' - Well-known Smuggler of the Campo de Gibraltar (See LINK