The People of Gibraltar

 2021 – Sketches of Gibraltar - From a Scrapbook 

The following drawings of scenes referring to Gibraltar come from a scrapbook from an unknown person’s private collection. The drawings are undated - although it is possible to deduce that they must have been created after 1829. 

As regards the artists, it would seem that there were two people involved but are as yet only identifiable by their initials. The subject matter, however, suggests that the two may have been related in someway, and that they both lived in Gibraltar.

“Gibraltar from near River Guadaranque “(sic), undated but initialled WAMC

“From Buena Vista” undated by somebody with the initials W.A.M.C. who lived in the house on the left right over the edge of the cliff – possibly somewhere along Europa Road, but I am by no means entirely sure where this is. 

“Europa Gibraltar” and “Our House at Europa Point” undated but initialled R.E.G.C. I would say this is the house shown on my previous post by W.A.M.C.

“Gibraltar from the Neutral Ground” undated and unsigned but from the handwritten note drawn by either W.A.M.C. or R.E.G.C.

“Water Cart Gibraltar” undated but signed E.C. Handwriting suggests this might be the same person as R.E.G.C.

It appears that the "Water Cart" is a copy of a sketch by George Ralph Payne Jarvis Wine Cart dated 1829 showing a “Wine Cart Rome . . . near Mount Testaccio. 

“Barbary Moor Gibraltar” undated but undated and unsigned but from the handwritten note and the use of yellow for the slippers suggests it may have been drawn by either W.A.M.C. or R.E.G.C.