The People of Gibraltar
1844 - George Lothian Hall - The Unknown Soldier

George Lothian Hall was born in England 1825 and died in Wales in 1888.  He was fundamentally a water colour painter who specialised in naval scenes.  He was active in London between 1856 and 1878 and exhibited at the Royal Academy and at Suffolk Street Galleries. Two of his watercolours are in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

However, all the pictures shown below date from 1843 and 1844. In other words they were created when he was either 18 or 19 years old and before he had become a well known artist. The dates also suggest that he  lived in Gibraltar for at the very least a year. 

The question is - what was he doing in Gibraltar at the time? The subject matter of his paintings suggest that he was a soldier - perhaps a junior subaltern - attached the 48th Regiment. 

 The Rock from Algeciras 

Algeciras from Montagu Curtain, Gibraltar 

Gibraltar from Cabrita Point - Punta Carnero 

Gibraltar from the Alameda in San Roque 

South Barracks - The gardens  in the foreground are probably part of an area then known as the Vineyard  (see LINK

Commercial Wharf and the Spanish Lines in the distance

Officers Quarters, Casemates 

Rosia Bay with Algeciras in the distance. The tower on the right is unusual in that its purpose is unknown   

View from the window, Casemates - presumably from Hall's own residence  

Casemates - 48th Regiment unloading. The mules, cart and driver are probably members of  'Los Careterros del Rey', a transport unit manned by local men. The stork, bottom right, is decidedly odd  as storks are not known to nest in Gibraltar   

A mystica off Gibraltar

Europa Point with  Djebal Musa (see LINK) on the oposite side of the Strait   

The Rock from the North Front Guard Room  

King's Bastion and the Club House Hotel (See LINK

O'Hara's Tower -  This 'folly', was built in the early 19th century on the orders of General O'Hara the Governor of the day - It was demolished in 1887  (See LINK

Djebal Musa on the African coast from the Military Hospital. The carts and men are also probably from 'Los Carreteros del Rey'   

 The view from Tarifa Point