The People of Gibraltar
1802 - Jahleel Brenton - Illuminations 

 Jahleel Brenton was captain aboard the HMS Caesar with the British admiral Saumarez during the disastrous first encounter at the Battle of the Bay of Algeciras. ( See LINK )

 Shortly after the engagement he was given command of HMS Speedy, a 14-gun brig of the Royal Navy stationed in Gibraltar. It meant that he spent most of his time during the Peninsular War chasing small French and Spanish privateers in and out of the Straits. Brenton's other claim to fame was the fact that it was he who was chosen to present Sarah Fryer  with  a 'handsome fish slice'  as  a  wedding  present  from  his  boss  Saumarez.    ( See LINK

 Captain Jahleel Brenton 

 More to the point, Brenton was also a good amateur artist and made a series of five drawings of the Battle of Algeciras. These were later reproduced as engravings and the proceeds were given to the dependents of those who had lost their lives in the battle. The first picture probably represents the refitting of Royal Navy ships in Gibraltar before the second engagement. The last one depicts the outcome of the second battle and what Sarah Fyer probably meant by 'illuminations'