The People of Gibraltar

1828 - Lieutenant H. A. West  - Neatly Drawn

H.A. West was lieutenant of the 12th Infantry Regiment stationed in Gibraltar for several years during the early part of the 18th century. He was also an artist. 

In 1828 he published a small booklet called Six Views of Gibraltar. According to the Literary Gazette of the same year,  'These views, which are neatly drawn in stone by T.M. Baynes give as good idea of this impregnable fortress, and of its various defences, as can be comprehended in so small a compass.' Baynes was a prolific and popular engraver of the period. 

From the Line Wall looking North

West drew several more Gibraltar views which for some reason he omitted from his booklet but which he must have published at some later date.

South Barracks - looking north