The People of Gibraltar
1796 - George Bulteel Fisher - John William Edy 

Born in 1764, George Bulteel Fisher was an army officer and an amateur water colourist. He first arrived in Gibraltar in 1790 but left for Canada the following year as some sort of aide de camp to Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and future Governor of Gibraltar. 

When he returned to England several years later he arranged with John William Edy to engrave Six Views of North America which were duly published together with a descriptive pamphlet dedicated to Prince Edward. Edy was a superb engraver. His huge set of engravings of Norway are a tour de force

Together Fisher and Edy also produced Six Aquatints of Gibraltar which were published in 1796/1797. As far as I can make out, two of the aquatints are not actually of the Rock but of nearby Tetuan on the Barbary coast. Below are the Fisher /Edy aquatints - including those of Tetuan - and tw0 water colours by Fisher.

Near Tetuan

East of Tetuan

View from Prince Edward's Gate

The Rock and the Old Mole on the right