The People of Gibraltar
1850 - Vilhelm Knut Frederik Melbye - Artist

Melbye was born in Denmark in 1824. A brilliant maritime artist he finish his career in 1880 as a Professor in Copenhagen. It has been said that his paintings can almost be used as a travelogue to his career during which he must have spent some time on the Rock or nearby. His paintings of the Rock are too perfect to have been done without actually having seen the place, although he does seem to have hit on the time saving device of painting the same ship more than once but changing the scenery - or painting the same scenery and changing the ship.

Melbye went to London in the 1850s and changed his first name to Wilhelm. His attractive paintings of maritime Gibraltar and its Straits date from 1840s-60s. Here are a few of them.

Shipping off Gibraltar

 Also attributed to Vilhelm Melbye

Despite the low quality of the copy above, I have included it as a first suggestion of Melbye's penchant for recycling what he may have considered to be saleable, worthwhile views.

Congested shipping lanes in the Straits of Gibraltar

Gibraltar from the eastern beaches

Royal Naval warship running through the Gut 

Off Gibraltar ( detail )

 Spanish Xebec and other Commercial Craft off Gibraltar at Sunset

Off Gibraltar

Steamer off Gibraltar

Ships off Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar

Sailing ship off Gibraltar

Ships off Gibraltar

Sailing ship off Gibraltar on the high seas at sunset

Another poor quality copy attributed to "Wilhelm" which includes an imaginary rock to the right of Gibraltar.

The Spanish Coast near Gibraltar