The People of Gibraltar
1861 - Henry Stratton Bush - 'Catland Bay'

Henry Stratton Bush was yet another British Officer artist who painted Gibraltar.  He was an ensign in the 41st Welch Regiment of Foot when he visited or passed by the Rock in 1851 on his way to Naples and Malta. He later took part in the Crimean War. 

Henry Stratton Bush

In 1861 - the year most of his paintings are dated - he was stationed in Gibraltar. He is supposed to have been a relatively good draftsman capable of executing good representative pictures, almost certainly from life. The spelling on some of his pictures, however, may not have been as good as he might have desired.

Gibraltar near Palmones 

'Catland' Bay

Gibraltar from HMS Hercules - dated 1851

Looking South towards the Saluting Battery

The Rock from Spain

North Front

Prince of Wales Battery looking towards Jumper's Bastion

Hanover Battery overlooking the Inundation and Spanish Lines

Straits from HMS Hercules ( Probably 1851 )