The People of Gibraltar
1830s - John Wilson Carmichael - Or was it James?

John Wilson Carmichael, born in Newcastle upon Tyne  around 1800, was a prolific marine painter. It is debatable whether he ever visited Gibraltar. In fact his depictions of the Rock - with one exception - suggest he never did. The style of his paintings varies enormously from picture to picture - which make me wonder whether they were in fact all painted by the same artist. The fact that he seems to have also been known as John Wilson Carmichael. does not help.

John Wilson Carmichael  ( 1839 Thomas Ellerby )

The following are a selection of those of his pictures in which the Rock serves as background to sea and sail.

Admiral Exmouth leaves Gibraltar for the Battle of Algiers - 1816

Sketch for previous picture

Off Gibraltar

By Moonlight

A large second-rate passing through local small craft off Gibraltar

Shipping off Gibraltar in heavy seas

Warships under sail, Gibraltar

The Rock - Attributed but  . . . .