The People of Gibraltar
1905 - V.B. Cumbo  - Catalan Bay . . or Commercial Square?

V.B.Cumbo - later Cumbo and Montegreiffo - was one of the larger local publishers of souvenir photo-booklets and tinted collotype view-cards depicting Gibraltar. The company probably produced most of its postcards during the early 20th century although they continued to be sold long after that.

In the 1900s 38 views of Gibraltar - many of them shown in the examples below - were published in an attractive red leather bound book. The address of the company is given as 19 Church Street which means that they were almost next door to Beanland Malin ( see LINK ) who were also an important local postcard publisher and almost certainly a direct competitor. 

Curiously in the early days of the century pictures rarely occupied the entire space available on the front of the card thus allowing the sender to make whatever comments he or she felt appropriate.

The sender of this card was obviously taken by the presence of exotic characters wandering around Gibraltar ( 1903 )

This card has been wrongly labelled. It shows a scene in Commercial Square rather than Catalan Bay. The sender, who seems to be the same person who wrote the previous one, had obviously visited Catalan Bay - but still failed to notice the mistake ( 1903 )

The following is a selection of Cumbo's best sellers. They were sold both tinted and in black and white. The photographers are unknown to me.  

Garrison Library

Moorish Castle

Alameda Gardens

Eliott Memorial

Alameda Gardens

Alameda Gardens (2)

Alameda Gardens (3)

Cascade Alameda Gardens 

Kingsway Alameda

Alameda Parade

Alameda (4)

Assembly Rooms

Buena Vista (1)

Buena Vista (2)

Buena Vista (3)

Casemates (1)

Casemates (2)

Catalan Bay


Commercial Square (1) 

Commercial Square (2)

The Convent

Construction of Dry Dock 3

HMS Edward VII in Dry Dock 3

Europa Point

Europa Point (2)

Main Street

Rock from the South Mole

The Galleries

Rosia Gas Works

The Glacis

Governor's Cottage

The Harbour

The Harbour (2)

The Harbour (3)

The Colonial Hospital

Landport and Castle

Garrison Library 

Main Street


Market (2)

Monkey's Caves

Moorish Castle

Naval Hospital

Neutral Ground

New Mole

Rock from Sta Barbara

Spanish Frontier

Protestant Cathedral 

Rock and Neutral Ground

Rock from Old Mole

 Rock from Spain

Rock from Spain (2)

Rock from Spain (3) 

Rock from the Sea

Rock from La Linea

Rock from Rosia

Rosia Road

Artichoke Seller

Signal Hill

South Port Gates

The Synagogue

Town towards the North

Commercial Wharf
Commercial Wharf (2)