The People of Gibraltar
1850s - George Pechell Mends

My research on Pechell is sketchy to say the least, but I do know that he entered the Royal Navy - presumably as a midshipman - in 1824. By 1850 he was a lieutenant in HMS Trafalgar where he continued to serve for at least four years. Cruises throughout the Mediterranean must have taken him to the Rock more than once. An amateur watercolourist of some skill, he produced innumerable paintings, some of which were of or about Gibraltar.

HMS Trafalgar off Gibraltar ( 1851 )

View from the Queen of Spain's Chair ( 1853 )

View from Mount Pleasant - Official residence of the Naval Commissioner ( 1852 )

These two lithographs of the explosion of the USS Missouri in Gibraltar harbour are based on first hand sketches produced by Pechell ( 1843 )