The People of Gibraltar

1954 - Bert Hardy - Why We Must Keep Gibraltar

Bert Hardy was born in London. He worked his way up from a lab assistant to become a staff photographer on the illustrated magazine Picture Post. His images of the Blitz are amongst the finest ever taken. The ones he took of Gibraltar for a Picture Post article - Why we must keep Gibraltar -are not bad either. The following is a representative selection. 

Main Street

The fleet is in - Main Street 

Sailors just off Main Street. The three ladies are probably matuteras ( see LINK )

Main Street with George's Lane on the right. The house just to the left of the one with the fancy balcony is 256 Main Street, the house I was born in. It no longer exists

Main Street opposite the Catholic Cathedral 

Catalan Bay - Manolo Bonfiglio in the boat . . . with Mr. Gabarron

Our Lady of Sorrows, the Catholic Church in Catalan Bay with Isabel Calamaro in the foreground carrying some carpets and Victoria Calamaro to her right

Catalan Bay Fisherman - Mr Gabarron

Harbour - South Mole

Harbour - Detached Mole

Checking lottery numbers. The man to the right of the note taker is Santiago Chipolina

The lottery

Did he win?

Still checking

Checking the football results

The Trocadero Bar

Singing in the Trocadero

An ape

Feeding the 'monkeys'

The Ceremony of the Keys

Spaniards registering for work

The Spanish side of the frontier - North Front 

Sailor and local girl

Spaniard having a coffee in Main Street

Side street

St Michael's Cave


The WRACs at Europa Flats

Local fruit seller and soldiers

Gibraltar from the air

The top of the Rock looking east

Inside a REME workshop - A Spaniard, a British instructor and a Gibraltarian - Albert Golt

The Child Health Center