The People of Gibraltar

1900s - John Fraser - and Edoardo De Martino

John Fraser
Fraser was an English marine artist who collaborated extensively with Commendatore Eduardo de Martino, Marine Painter-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria. Martino also enjoyed special favour with Edward VII, who never went to sea without him. When the Italian died, Fraser thought he would succeed him. He didn't - perhaps the King possibly found him too boring!

I cannot find any record of him having visited Gibraltar but his representations of the Rock are impressive. Here are three of his pictures.

HMS Barfleur

Europa Point

Three Quarter Merchantman and Xebeck

Edoardo Federico de Martino 
De Martino was an officer in the Italian Navy, but turned to painting when he was thirty. He became very well-known in London because of his paintings of famous British naval victories.

Two warships in a swell in the Straits of Gibraltar
The warships have possibly been identified as HMS Diana and HMS  Andromeda escorts to HMS  Ophir  on the Dominions Tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and York in 1901  ( see LINK ) 

The rest of his work with a Gibraltar connection is in the form of black and white sketches commissioned by various British newspapers. 

The Arrival of the Victoria and Albert

The Departure of the Victoria and Albert