The People of Gibraltar
1910 - The English Tourists - Or were they American?

According to the Museo de Tiros in Granada, the photographs shown below were taken by three English tourists in the 1890s.  However, not only does one of the photos show the Gibraltar Water Catchments - which were built in 1903,  but also the ship they arrived in - the SS Lutzow - was build in 1910. The photos can therefore probably best be dated as from the beginning of the 20th century.

Also, the Lutzow was travelling from New York to Gibraltar - suggesting the tourists were American rather than English. After a short stay in Gibraltar they travelled to Algeciras and onwards to various other towns in Spain. In any case here is the album where they all came from.

The caption is technically correct. These carts were an import from Malta during the 19th century migration from that country. However on the Rock they were known as Gibraltar gharries. The place is probably somewhere on the upper Rock

Again an odd caption. The 'Water Slide' refers to what in Gibraltar is referred to as the Water Catchments. The small fishing village on the left is Catalan Bay - or La Caleta

The ferry from Gibraltar to Algeciras

The cork was probably harvested from la Almoraima cork woods near Algeciras, a favourite picnic spot over the years for many Gibraltarians

The Rio de la Miel