The People of Gibraltar

1853 - Lady Patrick Crichton-Stuart - Lady "James"

A recent catalogue offering a fair number of Lady Crichton Stuart's watercolours calls her Lady James. Born in 1800, her maiden name was Hannah Tighe. When she was 18 she married Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart a well known British politician of the era - which leads me to suspect that her correct name could well have been Lady Patrick Crichton-Stuart .

She was - regardless of what her correct name might have been - a talented watercolourist and among her paintings are several of Gibraltar - which are shown below. If the dates are anything to go by she seems to have visited the Rock from the beginning to the middle of March 1853. Her visit to the Rock seems to have been part of a general painting tour of various places in Europe - including Spain 

First View of Gibraltar

Mediterranean Gun

St George’s Hall



Ape's Hill - from Gibraltar