The People of Gibraltar
1860s - Richard Ansdell - A Gift for Painting Animals 

Richard Ansdell was born in Liverpool. At an early age he exxhibited a naatural talent for art and a particular gift for painting animals. He travelled to Spain with the Scottish artist, John Phillip in 1850 and then returned again the following year to continue painting. I am nearly certain that he never visited Gibraltar, as I can only find three paintings in which he uses the Rock or the nearby Campo area as a background -and these were all painted at least ten years after his last visit to Spain. 

Richard Ansdell  ( 1883 - Arthur Stockdale Cope )

Spanish Smugglers ( 1861)

Spanish Smggler - detail ( 1861 )

The Road to San Roque ( 1866 ) 

Goatherd on the Rock of Gibraltar