The People of Gibraltar

1870 - Prince Edward's Album - A Soldier on his Side

During the late 19th century Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and future King Edward VII bought himself a red Moroccan leather bound album that included 89 albumen photographs. They featured views of Canada, Stockholm, Spain and Gibraltar.

The album is dated 1870 but there is no indication as to who took the photographs -  although I would guess that most were the work of either of two professional photographers, James Hollingworth Mann (see LINK) or Francis Frith. (see LINKNor do I know when the Prince actually got hold of the album. Was it a present perhaps from one of his hosts during his many travels abroad? QuiĆ©n sabe. In any case here are the Gibraltar photographs with my comments.

The Rock across the Bay from the road to Algeciras

North Front military review on the race course    ( c1855 ) 

North Front military review - detail
The group on the left are possibly members of the band. Surprisingly there are very few civilian spectators in view. The circular track with marker stones is probably part of the old race course

The Guard House   ( c1860 )

The Guard House - detail
The Guard House was on the frontier with Spain. It lay to right and just out of the picture on the previous photograph. It is an enigmatic photo in that it is impossible to read the signs on the small hut on the right -  nor identify its purpose 

The 2nd Europa Advance Guard   ( c1860 )

The 2nd Europa Advance Guard - detail
Because of its spectacular location it was a photographer's favourite.
This one is almost certainly by J.H. Mann

The 2nd Europa Advance Guard
Not in the album but probably by J.H. Mann

The 2nd Europa Advance Guard - detail
Not in the album and perhaps also by Mann

Yet another view by an unknown photographer  

Aloe Walk - Alameda Gardens   ( c1860 )
Not entirely convinced that having a soldier lying on his side added anything to the composition

Aloe Walk - Alameda Gardens  (c 1860 )
Similar but with standing corporal and lady
Not in the Album

View of Governor's Cottage looking south towards the lighthouse  ( c1860 ) 

View of Governor's Cottage looking south towards the lighthouse - detail
A man sits in the foreground with a poncho like cape