The People of Gibraltar
1950 - The Mansell Collection - Unknown Photographers

The Mansell Collection was a commercial London Picture Archive with literally millions of photographs and pictures by well know artists. In the late 20th century the collection was purchased by the Time Inc. Picture Collection and transferred from London to New York.  

Since then the photos seem to have been passed on to other digital collections such as Getty Images and Life Magazine and it is from these that the photos below depicting scenes from Gibraltar have been uploaded. Unfortunately the names of the actual photographers and the dates when the photos were taken are unknown - at least to me.

Water carriers or 'Aguadores' with their typical small wooden water barrels hanging about in Governor's Parade. The Building top right is the Garrison Library. (See LINK)   The steps and alley in the background is Library Ramp - known locally as 'el Balali' - Ball Alley as the Library once boasted a raquets course in its premises 

Vegetable or charcoal vendor and donkey in front of the Royal Artillery Barracks taken just across the Parade where the previous picture was taken. Governor's Parade was once known as Gunner's Parade because of this Barracks 

Vendor - Casemates Square

Casemates Square

Castle Road and houses sporting wooden Genoese shutters (See LINK

Procession - John Macintosh Square

Procession - John Macintosh Square

Lady, pram and vendor in Main Street

Possibly entrance to the Exchange Building on Main Street

The Market clock and old bus stop shelter

Sailors wathching football at the Naval Ground

Spanish vendors from La Línea de la Concepción 

View of the Rock from a British warship

Site of old Waterport Gate (See LINK