The People of Gibraltar
1879 - Captain Buckle - Photographs of Gibraltar

Digital copies of late 19th century photographs of Gibraltar recently released by the National Archives are shown below. They were collected by Captain Buckle - Gibraltar's Colonial Engineer - and were displayed in the Governor's residence in an album dated 1879. The album may very well still be there. As for Buckle, he was accused the following year of removing certain documents from the Supreme Court and charged with contempt of court - there's gratitude for you!

The Alameda Gardens, Grand Parade and Surrounding Areas

The Batteries

Principle Buildings of Gibraltar

Catalan Bay  - La Caleta

Views of the Moorish Castle

Inside the Convent

Two Cathedrals and a Chapel

The Governor's Cottage

The North Front, the Neutral Ground and Views towards Spain

Views of the Rock of Gibraltar


The South

The Town