The People of Gibraltar
1899 - Brits and Natives - The People Who Ran the Show

This list of local worthies - British military and civilian administrators taking pride of place but including a large number of local residents occupying relatively minor positions - is taken from a tourist guide - Guia de Gibraltar y su Campo - by Lutgardo Lopez Zaragoza (see LINK) which was published in 1899.

Biddulph was certainly not one of Gibraltar's best known governors. He hardly appears in the indexes of the better known histories of the Rock and is probably best remembered as the man who came up with a compromise solution to a rather nasty coal heavers strike in 1898

Sir Robert Biddulph - Governor of Gibraltar

'Triag' is Triay, 'Dundos' is Dundas and 'Salustio Smit' is W.J. Sallust Smith who together with Albert Porral famously went to London to complain about Governor Sir Archibald Hunter in 1913. (See LINK) 

Messrs Albert Porral W.J. Sallust Smith on their way to Londonm (1913 )

C.A.L.P.E. The Larios brothers. (See LINK) The only one not to be appointed grand juror was Leopoldo   ( Unknown )

Horatio Sprague was the son of one the longest U.S. consuls, Horatio Sprague Snr. (See LINK) 

The names of my great grandfather, Angel Chipulina, (see LINK) and my great uncles, José Chipulina and Thelmo Chipulina appear as clerks of the local Post Office. Elsewhere in Zaragoza's Guide Angel and José also appear under an Indicador por Orden Alfabetico de Apellidos, de los Habitantes de Gibraltar con sus domicilios respectivos (see LINK) - aka 'Directory' for short. In this list their names are spelt 'Chipolina'. Family myth suggests that it was Angel who was responsible for the change in spelling.