The People of Gibraltar
1934 - Paul Nash - Margaret and the Donkey

An officially appointed a war artist during the First World War, Paul Nash is mostly known for his memorable surrealist pictures.  He also seems to have dabbled in writing and in photography and is acknowledged as having played a key role in modern 20th century English art. 

The Menin Road

In 1933 he left London with his wife Margaret Odeh for an extended trip to France, Spain and North Africa during which he visited Gibraltar and took the photographs shown below. All were taken in 1934 and - in my opinion - are only notable because they were taken by him.

Margaret on a Donkey and Trap

The 'donkey' is a horse and the 'trap' is a typical Gibraltar gharry. The photograph was taken along the road that ran parallel to Eastern Beach. Margaret is Nash's wife Margaret Odeh. The man is Paul Nash himself - I think.


The Rock

Both are views of the North Face of the Rock as seen from the Neutral Ground near the Spanish border.

Lake and Huts

The 'lake' was the inundation - known locally as 'La Laguna'. The huts were part of isolation units created in the aftermath of the 19th century yellow fever epidemics. (See LINK)

View of Gibraltar from a boat

The boat was the Margarita II - one of the ferry boats connecting Gibraltar to Algeciras just across the bay (See LINK