The People of Gibraltar
1914 - Louisa Hooke - Album 1

Album cover and dedication

Louisa, probably on the terrace of the sisters' quarters and holding the camera that may have taken most of her snap-shots. On the left - Catalan Bay. In the 1950s it was traditional to bury your watermelon in a large hole dug close to the shoreline so that they would be washed by the sea and be nice and cool when eaten later - the myth was that the hotter the day the colder the watermelon.

The Military Hospital - and patients

Europa Pass with Louise posing by the north facing entrance

View of Main Street and of North Front

South Port Gate - top facing north, right facing south

Buena Vista Barracks and Devil's Gap road

Europa Pass and fruit vendors. The cart shown on the top picture was known as a 'truco' - it had an independent rear axle which allowed it to manoeuvre easily in the narrow streets of Gibraltar. It was used by local mule drivers attached to the Army Corp known as Los Carreteros del Rey. Some of them took part in the British-Egyptian Campaign of 1882-1889. Not long after this photo was taken these men were retrained as lorry drivers

A view towards the north and another towards the south and St Josephs church

The Alameda Gardens - one of them could be Louise

The view of Gibraltar from Algeciras with La Isla Verde in the middle distance - and below the town of Algeciras taken from the ferry as it approaches the ferry pier (See LINK

Possibly the return trip with a view of the Rock from the ferry and its approach to the commercial wharf

Rosia Bay and Louisa - the album caption for the picture on the right is 'View showing the extreme rockiness of the Rock"