The People of Gibraltar
1932 - The RMS Mauretania - The Whitson Cruise

In 1932 the Cunard Line organised a weekend Whitson cruise on the RMS Mauretania. The ship left Southampton on the 14th of May following the itinerary identified on an abstract of the ship's log which is shown below. 

One of the passengers on this cruise was the grandfather of somebody called Roger Marks. Many years later Roger found a series of photographs which his grandfather had taken during the cruise and which he had organised into an album. Among them were some which he took in Gibraltar, copies of which are shown below.

The RMS Mauretania arriving at Gibraltar on the 17th of May

Anchored in Gibraltar harbour the Mauretania is visited by a number of souvenir and rug selling bumboats  

Passengers returning to the ship on a tender after a visiting the town

Menu cover and menu  for the 18th of May on the way back home

Information about Gibraltar for passengers

A page from the album

The 1933 Cruise