The People of Gibraltar
1800 - 1880 - Thomas Buttersworth - James E. Buttersworth

Thomas Buttersworth  (1768 - 1842) - was an English seaman who served during  the Napoleonic wars. Later he became a marine painter and produced works to commission. Several of his pictures use the Rock of Gibraltar as background interest. One would imagine that he must have visited the Rock more than once during his service in the Navy. 

His son, James E. Buttersworth (1817 - 1894) also became a marine painter. James eventually moved to the USA in 1845 and is best known for his portraits of American ships. Like his father he used Gibraltar as a backdrop but my feeling is that he never actually visited the place. His impressions of it look remarkably similar to those of that appear in his father's paintings.

Paintings by Thomas Buttersworth

Off Gibraltar

A Stiff Breeze off Gibraltar

The Argo and a Russian Ship off Gibraltar

Title unknown

A Royal Naval Cutter Heading into Gibraltar

Gibraltar Point - English Cutter and Spanish Cutter Engaging

Paintings by James E. Buttersworth

A Schooner and a Barque Sailing into a Harbour

American Frigate off Gibraltar Flying the Commodore's Pennant

Frigate off Gibraltar

Frigate off Gibraltar

A Major Thunderstorm hits Gibraltar

Unknown Title

New York Yacht Club Schooner