The People of Gibraltar
1850 - William J. Huggins - The Other Huggins

William John Huggins was a well known an artist who became a marine-painter to both George IV and William IV. 

A two Decker off Gibraltar  ( William John Huggins (1781 - 1845) - Marine Painter )

The Peninsular Steam Navigation Company - The S.S. Iberia off Gibraltar

However . . . it would seem from a comparison of their respective styles that the pictures of Gibraltar shown below are not by this Huggins but by another artist with the same name. 

Unfortunately no amount of research on my part has been able to uncover any information about this gentleman other than that he was born in 1781 and died in 1884. The pictures shown below seem to have been painted around the middle of the 19th century. 

View of Gibraltar from Spain - perhaps the road to San Roque

Two similar views of the East Side of Gibraltar
There is a hint of a lighthouse on Europa Point on the left. If it is it would date the painting as post 1841 which is when the lighthouse was inaugurated

View of the "Sugar Loaf" from the South
The house is Governor's Cottage and the road to the right leads to Europa Advance Battery - the tower at the top of the "Sugar Loaf" is O'Hara's Folly  - (See LINK)

View of the Line Wall and Rosia (See LINK)
There are two ships in Rosia Bay harbour and the nearby Rosia Water Tanks (see LINK) - is the large building just to the left of the Bay - although I have always thought they were two stories high rather than three.  The building right beside it is probably Misery Barracks - On the right in the far distance is a misty Bleak House (See LINK)

View from near Rosia looking North
The rather flamboyant house in the foreground is probably that of the Chief Judge in the Devil's Gorge. The area to left showing the head of a grazing donkey could be an area known as the Devil's Bowling Green

The Wellington Memorial in the Alameda Gardens

The Convent Almoraima in the Campo de Gibraltar - a favourite spot for members of the Calpe Hunt

The town of Los Barrios in the Campo area

Ronda - A popular destination for smugglers working from Gibraltar