The People of Gibraltar
2015 - The Names of John Mackintosh Square - Old photos

See article on Gibraltar's central square here. (See LINK)

From 1839 to 1875 Aaron Cardozo's house (see LINK)  built on the west side of the square in 1815, was used as the "Club House Hotel"

In 1875 The Cardozo family sold the building to a wealthy businessman Pablo Larios (See LINK) - the decorations are in honour of the Prince of Wales who was visiting in 1876  (See LINK

The Duke of Connaught - Queen Victoria's third son  - joined the Garrison General Staff  in 1875 - The house became known as Connaught House when Pablo Larios put the place at the Duke's disposal during his six months stay  

The decorative fountain in Commercial Square ( 1879 - Capt Buckle )  (See LINK

A single story additional north wing was added possibly in the late 19th century

A view towards the south west - the house on the left corner in the photograph was the site of an old 18th century prison - it was reputed to have been haunted

Although the Duke of Connaught had long left the house continued to be officially known as Connaught House - the above are examples of postcards that avoid naming the place altogether ( Possibly Early 20th century postcards)

The height of the extension increased to the full height of the building   (Early 20th Century )

The specially built Exchange and Commercial Library was completed in 1818

The Jew's Market - or Jewish Market - in the late 19th and early 20th  century

Visiting Field Marshall Lord Roberts being presented with an Address in Commercial Square

Commercial Square decorated for the 1903 visit of King Edward VII

1930s Political Meeting

A 1940 demonstration against the British authorities - Gibraltarian families forced to return back home after a brief evacuation to Morocco at the start of WW II were not being allowed to land (see LINK

Main Street at the soutern junction with John Mackintosh Square