The People of Gibraltar
1935 - The Silver Jubilee - A Decent Excuse

Sir Charles and Lady Harington - Trino Cruz 

One of the longest entries in the entire Gibraltar Directory of 1937 is an account of the locally organised celebrations from the 6th to the 19th of May 1935 designed to honour the Silver Jubilee of George V's accession to the throne. This was "brown nose" territory even by the standards of the day. In effect the leaders of what was still in effect a military fortress governed by military men were given a decent excuse to highlight their allegiance to their sovereign in no uncertain manner.

In other words "tiraron la casa por la ventana" with a programme which included lengthy thanksgiving services in churches and synagogues, street decorations, congratulatory messages, firework displays, searchlight tattoos, illuminated naval displays, Jubilee regattas, Consular receptions, presentation of Jubilee medals by the Governor's wife - Lady Harington - and the opening of the "Our Day" fair at the Alameda Parade by her husband "Tim". (See LINK)

Although money seems to have been no object as regards the cost of organising the various events it seems that some thought was given as to who would publish the actual programme leaflet detailing the activities for the entire fortnight. Rather than use the services of the Garrison Library (see LINK) or Gibraltar Chronicle (see LINK) printing press as one would have expected the work was entrusted to a local printer and lithographer, Trino Cruz of 21 City Mill Lane.

My Linense friend Luis Javier Traverso has generously allowed me to post a rare copy of the programme leaflet which he obtained from Francisco Vera of  the Tipographía Andaluza in La Línea, a collector of this type of memorabilia.

(See LINK) to view programme leaflet    

As far as I can make out Trino Cruz made a rather good job of it - but judge for yourselves.