The People of Gibraltar
1855 - Roger Fenton - The Valley of Death

James Bucknall Escourt and William Codrington

Richard Airey and John Miller Adye

"Into the Valley of Death, Rode the six hundred"   ( 1855 - Roger Fenton )

Roger Fenton was a giant in the history of photography delving into every genre one can think of be it architecture, landscape, still life, reporting or tableau-vivant - although here I will concentrate on portraiture. His output - the majority of gob-smacking quality - is so vast and varied - his genius so recognised - that it is well beyond the scope of this pictorial essay to attempt even the shortest of biographies. Suffice to say that Queen Victoria was a fan. 

Queen Victoria    (1854 - Roger Fenton )

During his coverage of the Crimean War in 1855 Fenton produced hundreds of photograph many of them portraits of the soldiers who took part in the campaign. A few of these happened to be men with strong historical connections with Gibraltar and it is these photographs - among the oldest ever produced that have the remotest links with Gibraltar - that that have persuaded me to produce this essay. 

James Bucknall Escourt - Stationed in Gibraltar with the 43rd foot and produced several attractive 
pictures of Gibraltar (See LINK
General Estcourt  was chief staff officer during the Crimean War and a close friend of Lord Raglan, commander of the British troops. He died of cholera i the Crimea

William Codrington - Governor from 1859 to 1865  (See LINK)
Codrington commanded the British troops during the last part of the War

Richard Airey - Governor from 1865 to 1870  (See LINK)
He served as quartermaster during the Crimean War
In the bottom photograph Airey stands by his horse while Major Hallwell - for unknown reasons - lies on the ground  

John Miller Adye - Governor from 1883 to 1886  (See LINK)
In the last photo Adye leans against the door, Major-General Sir Dacre sits by the doorway and Captain Hamley sits to the right. All three were R.A. officers during the War

Fenton's mobile "studio" in the Crimea - the man seated in front is his assistant Marcus Sparling