The People of Gibraltar
1860 - Gustave Doré - From Byron to Balzac

Paul Gustave Louise Christophe Doré - known by most as Gustave Doré  - was an monumentally prolific illustrator much of his output being in the form of wood carvings.  Born in Strasbourg in 1832 by the time he was in his twenties he was illustrating just about everybody who was anybody's books - Byron to Balzac, Milton to Dante, Cervantes to Coleridge -  he was even commissioned to illustrate a new English Bible.

Gustave Doré (1850s )

Luckily he managed to include engravings of Gibraltar in several of his commissions of which the ones shown below are the few I have been able to trace. However . . he produced so much work during his lifetime that I have a nagging suspicion that there are many more of them out there waiting to be discovered.

From Viajes por España  - The Rock of Gibraltar

A Fantasy Rock of Gibraltar

A comparison

The stereotype of the romantic smuggler?  (See LINK) 

Contrabanddistas de la Serrania de Ronda  - or smugglers from Gibraltar on their dangerous way to Ronda

 "A different" Rock - Perhaps wrongly attributed?