The People of Gibraltar
1910 - Charles Dixon – Shipping near Gibraltar

British born Charles Edward Dixon was a late 19th to early 20th century maritime painter. Some of his psintingd were produced as posters for shipping companies such as the Aberdeen Line, the P&O, and the White Star Line. Others were commissioned illustrations for books,  magazines and newspaper.  I am certain that he painted quite a few more than the ones I have posted below but they are the only ones I have been able to find so far in which he used the Rock of Gibraltar as a background. 

HMS Canopus - Pre-dreadnought ship which was transferred to the Mediterranean fleet  ( 1901 )

HMS Canopus and HMS London - ( 1900s - Fred N. Engehausen ) 

Unknown ( 1907 )

Night Exercises off Gibraltar ( 1909 – Unknown )

SS Omrah  (1909 )

SS Capel Castle ( 1918 )

SS Capel Castle leaving Gibraltar – the ship was owned by Capel Arthur & Co. (1918 )

Unknown  ( 1920 )

HMS Queen Elizabeth - Mediterranean fleet lead dreadnought   ( 1921 )

HMS Queen Elizabeth anchored in the South Mole of Gibraltar Harbour 

White Star Line postcard sent in 1906 and based on a Dixon painting – the ship was launched in 1902 as the SS Hanoverian, renamed the SS Mayflower in 1903 and the SS Cretic the following year. From 1904 to 1917 she shuttled between New York and the Mediterranean after which she was used to ferry American troops to Europe. She was renamed the SS Devonian in 1929 and scrapped in 1929.