The People of Gibraltar

1915 - Charles Chusseau-Flaviens - Colonies Anglaises

Apparently nobody knows very much about Charles Chusseau-Flaviens. I certainly don’t – other than that he was a French photojournalist working and publishing during the late 19th and early 20th century. 

The Rock from the sea – the Line Wall clearly visible with the southern end of the detached mole on the left 

As is usual with other publishers he seems to have used photographs taken by other photographers annotating their names on his glass plate negatives – in the case of the collection shown below the words “Colonia Angl.” (Colonies Anglaises) and “Gibraltar” appear on the edges but have been removed for presentation purposes.

I find it hard to pinpoint when Chusseau-Flaviens’ series of photos were taken but the one shown below in which an Australian corporal stands in the middle of the old market place must date from around 1915 when wounded soldiers from the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign arrived in Gibraltar. (See LINK

Casemates Gates and the Market Place

The Commercial Wharf

Moorish Castle (see LINK) over Landport Gate (see LINK) with wooden bridge and dry moat

The Convent – Governor’s residence


Wharehouse in the Commercial Mole with Waterport Gates in the background 

The Rock from the Neutral Ground

The North Mole and the Rock from the sea (Attributed)