The People of Gibraltar
1954 - Walter Carone - The Queen's Visit

Walter Carone was a mid 19th century Italian-French photographer. During the later stages of his career he was employed by numerous French publications such as Cinévie, France Dimanche, Point de Vue, Elle and Paris Match and was best known for his portraits of celebrities, and coverage of people attending the early years of the Cannes Film Festival.

Catherine Deneuve and Walter Carone

In 1954 he and Queen Elizabeth visited Gibraltar – separately. She was on her way back to England at the end of a lengthy Commonwealth tour. It was her last port of call . He was there to photograph her. From a French magazine editor’s point of view the Queen was undoubtedly a celebrity and Carone obliged accordingly. Nevertheless I have chosen to post only a small selection of the photographs he took by leaving out those in which the Queen and other local dignitaries are the main subjects and concentrating on those that show off the Rock.

Acknowledging the crowd – hidden on the bottom right of the picture – from the Convent

A view from the Moorish Castle (see LINK) of the Casemates and the North Mole

Gibraltar’s Sunderland flying boat

Close-up of the Galleries (See LINK)

Playtime at the Alameda Gardens (See LINK

Feeding the monkeys with Charles V Wall (see LINK) to the right

The Royal Navy - and others - at play

South Port Gates (See LINK)

Directing traffic - precariously - at the entrance to the Market place – a fountain would eventually be built on the rubble

Just checking – although I don’t know what

Waiting for a plane to land or take off from the runway that cuts across the road from Spain to Gibraltar

A close-up of the Rock

The fence between Gibraltar and La Línea

Saluting the Queen

Clocking out from the Dockyard

The Queen arriving at the Victoria Stadium