The People of Gibraltar
1900 - Laurits Holst – With Cheerfulness and Joy

Christie’s Auction House refers to him as a Danish painter and his birth place is given elsewhere as Bogense in Denmark. But it was in America that Laurits Bernhard Holst really made a name for himself as a prolific marine painter who “loved the sea and painted with cheerfulness and joy at what he saw.” He was a member of the Chicago Academy and his earlier paintings mostly reflect familiar scenes from the west coast of the United States.

I have no idea whether he ever visited Gibraltar but he did produce several paintings of the Rock. The few that I have been able to obtain digital copies of are dated from 1882 to 1904 - late enough for painters so inclined to use photographs as a basis for their composition. Here are the paintings with my comments

Shipping off Gibraltar ( 1882 )

Felucca from Vilhelm Melbye’s 1852 painting - “Congested shipping lanes off Gibraltar” compared with that painted by Holst in his “Shipping off Gibraltar”

Gibraltar (1892)

Gibraltar (1893)

Comparison of the 1892 and 1893 paintings shown above

Felucca off Gibraltar ( 1904)

Rock of Gibraltar from Campamento in Spain   ( 1880s - George Washington Wilson ) (See LINK)

Shipping off Gibraltar - with a somewhat unconvincing Rock    (Unknown date)