The People of Gibraltar
1879 - Captain Buckle - Paintings

The Rock from Spain  

The Rock from the South 

The Rock from the North 

Woodford Cottage - Europa Road

I am not entirely sure whether this last one is by Buckle. The cottage which now no longer exists may have been named after Alexander Woodford who was Governor on the Rock from 1835 to 1842.

Buckle was not just a dabbler in watercolour paintings. He was also Gibraltar’s colonial engineer as well as an architect. He was involved in the plans for the reconstruction of St Bernard’s Hospital, the designing of the “New” Wing at the Convent, St. Joseph’s “Lunatic” Asylum, and the entire design and layout of the “New” Market at Waterport which now no longer exists.

Drawings for the reconstruction of the Civil Hospital ordered by Buckle in 1879

The Civil Hospital - more commonly known as the Colonial Hospital

St Joseph’s “Lunatic Asylum”   (From an early 20th century postcard)

New Wing of the Convent    (From Buckle’s photograph collection)

The New Market - No longer exists   (From Buckle’s photograph collection)