The People of Gibraltar
1982 - Gibraltar’s Heritage - Three Parallel Cultures 

The word “Heritage” can be interpreted in different ways. But however we might care to do so my own feeling is that Gibraltar's “heritage” should not just refer to its monuments, buildings and places but should also reflect its traditions and culture. Gibraltar is itself odd in this respect in that its heritage is actually made up of three parallel cultures – the first that of its Moorish and Spanish past - the second its powerful British military presence - and the third that of a civilian, immigrant population with a lengthy colonial history. 

Within this context – in so far as monuments, buildings and sites are concerned - the publication Save Gibraltar’s Heritage (see LINK) is a curiosity. It allows the modern reader to make interesting comparisons between what was considered in the late 20th century to be worthwhile preserving and those that have continued to be held in similar regard at the time of writing. 

The extracts shown below are taken from Save Gibraltar's Heritage. They were made available to me by my fellow local amateur historian Nelson Mario Yome – Thank you Nelson. The illustrations and comments are my own additions.

Arengo's Palace from above showing its extensive gardens - all now demolished

The Alameda Gardens 

Booth's Passage - ( 21st century )

Castle Street    ( 1923 - Personal Collection )

Buena Vista Barracks on the left   ( Late 19th century - G.W. Wilson ) (see LINK

Catalan Bay waterfront looking north  (See LINK )     ( Early 20th century )

Wedding at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Catalan Bay  ( Early 20th Century ) 

Holy Trinity Cathedral  (See LINK

Bristol Hotel under repair

Bristol Hotel southern facade 

The Royal Engineers Officers' Mess on the west side of Cornwall's Parade    (1890 )

Houses on the east side of Cornwall's Parade    (1930s )

Looking south - Scud Hill and Cumberland Road    ( Late 19th century )

The three large houses behind the wall with the gate form the eastern side of  the wider section of Crutchett's Ramp   ( 1980s - G.W. Wilson )   

Scud Hill and Cumberland Road 

College Lane  -  From one of a set of picture cards published for the Gibraltar Heritage Trust (See LINK)     ( 1882 - Unknown artist )

Danino's Ramp - Locals returning after WWII evacuation ( 1945 ) 

Demaya's Ramp    ( 21st century - With thanks to Samuti )

Devil's Gap Road - La Escalera del Monte   ( Possibly late 19th century )

Engineer House - Known locally as El Coronel  - Now demolished

Shaar Hashamayim Synagogue - It may have been plain on the outside but it certainly wasn't in the inside

Europa Point Lighthouse  (1879 - Captain Buckle Collection ) (See LINK)

Bleak House   (1880s - G.W. Wilson )

Loreto Convent 

Lind House - Demolished

Chapel of our Lady of Europa (See LINK)    ( 1961 - Father Orfila ) 

Mount Pleasant    ( Mid 20th century photograph )

The Nuns' Well   (See LINK)  ( 21st century photograph )

The Royal Naval Hospital - later the Military Hospital

A 21st century view of the "hospital"

Flat Bastion Road looking north ( a modern view )