The People of Gibraltar
1895 – William Tupper - 46 Scrapbooks

William Vaughn Tupper was a Brooklyn financier. He visited Europe and North Africa with his wife and two daughters between 1891 and 1895 and like many other late 19th century Americans who could afford it he travelled purely for pleasure. 

However, unlike many of his contemporaries who perhaps bought the odd postcard or photograph here and there, Tupper seems to have gone completely overboard and returned home with almost two thousand "snapshots"  almost every one of them professionally produced albumen prints sold as souvenirs in the various places that he visited. 

Back home, Tupper organised his collection into 46 scrapbooks all of which have apparently survived. The one identified as Volume 20 – Gibraltar Ronda Granada – is undated. It contains just three photographs of Gibraltar as shown below. 

The text appears at the top of the first photograph in the album and refers to Mrs Alice Tupper, William's daughter. She donated the scrap books in 1948 to the Boston Public Library. 

The Rock from Spain ( c1870- Jean Laurent ) (See LINK

The Eliott Memorial in the Alameda Gardens

The View South from Europa Point

The View South from Europa Point - Detail