The People of Gibraltar
1959 - Joe Heydecker - On His Way to Brazil?

Joe Julius Heydecker was a German Journalist, photographer and author best known for the photographs which he took during World War II – in particular those of the notorious German response to the Warsaw uprising. Later he became one of the very few German nationals who were allowed to report on the Nuremburg trials. From 1960 he worked in Brazil as a bookseller and publisher. In 1959 he must have visited Gibraltar – perhaps on his way to Brazil – and produced a series of photographs of the place, some of which I have posted below.

The Rock from the Spanish Coast

The Rock Hotel

Views of town and harbour from the upper Rock

A view looking south - the road to the Rock Hotel

Europa Flats

Water catchments above Sandy Bay (See LINK

The Rock from the southwest

The Rock from the south

The Rock from the southeast