The People of Gibraltar
2017 - Nationaal Archief - A Collection of Photographs

The Dutch National Archives – Nationaal Archief – has a considerable collection of 20th century photographs of Gibraltar of which a fair number have been digitised and are available on the net. Almost all of these are early to mid 20th century although on the whole the Archive offers precious little information on dates, photographer or subject matter.

Out of a total of 170 odd photographs I have chosen those that I consider the most interesting. I have also added my own speculations as regards dates and content where necessary.  You can find the links to well over 100 of these photographs by following the links below.

Views from the South and West (See LINK)
Views from the East (See LINK)
Views of the South (See LINK)
Neutral Ground and North Front (See LINK
Harbour Views (See LINK)
The Airstrip (See LINK)
Main Street (See LINK)
Other Places in Town (See LINK)
The 1967 Referendum (See LINK)
The Army on the Rock (See LINK)
People (See LINK
Spanish Workers Entering and Leaving Gibraltar (See LINK)