The People of Gibraltar
2017 - Nationaal Archief - A Collection of Photographs

Harbour Views

(Mid 20th century)

North Mole Causeway - El Viaducto  (Mid 20th century)

Commercial wharf - tourist gharry transport  (Mid 20th century)

View from outside the Detached mole showing Moorish Castle (see LINK) and water catchment area  (Mid 20th century)

Rosia  (See LINK)   ( 1960s)

HMS Venerable in the Bay

Monitor type submarine in the Bay

The Gebel Dersa perhaps returning from her Tangier run - She belonged to the local Bland line  (See LINK)   (Unknown)

Spanish warships in the Bay (1969)

Destroyers entering the Harbour  (1937)

Rock from an unknown warship  

The Marina (1960s)

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