The People of Gibraltar
2017 - Nationaal Archief - A Collection of Photographs

Other Places in Town 

Football match on the Naval Ground watched by spectators on the Boulevard - el buleva de las palmeras  (1937)

Catalan Bay - La Caleta  (See LINK)   (1937)

Castle Steps (Unknown)

Bus station taxi and gharry rank - Market Place  (1937)

View of the Marina - cropped  (mid 20th century)

Classic view of the old town and Moorish Castle (See LINK)  (Unknown)

Part of town and harbour from the northern part of the upper Rock (Unknown)

View of the town (Probably 1937)


A group of Gibraltarian lawyers and businessmen published a letter in 1968 in the Gibraltar Chronicle (see LINK) advocating a political settlement with Spain to solve the disputed status of Gibraltar. The letter caused riots in Gibraltar and the van being toppled in the picture belonged to one of the group. They came to be known as Los Palomos – the Doves. 

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