The People of Gibraltar
1979 - Hounds are Home  - Part 1

The Campo de Gibraltar is liberated from the French at the end of the Peninsular War   ( Gerald Hare )

Military men hunting somewhere in Spain during the Peninsular War – The pack is probably Wellington’s. 

The Convent, residence of the Governor of Gibraltar since 1728 (See LINK) – It was formally a monastery of Franciscan Friars dating from 1531      ( 1839 – William Lacey )  (See LINK)

The Convent Patio    (1839 – William Lacey )

Calpe Hunt 1829/30 – Mr Wm Pye had connections with the wine trade in Spain and was appointed Consul-General in Cadiz 1835. Horatio Sprague was US Consul-General at Gib 1832-48    ( Henry Sandham ) (See LINK

The Convent of Mercedarios (see LINK) called Santísimo Cristo de La Almoraima, known as the Cork Convent. The tract of this convent was owned by the Dukes of Medinaceli who had a shooting lodge close by the old seventeenth century chapel  

The Neutral Ground    ( Late 19th century – G. W. Wilson )   (See Link)

HRH Prince George of Cambridge   ( From a mezzo-tint after a portrait by John Lucas )

Meet of the Calpe Hounds at Guadacorte  (1847 )


Line Wall House with the Church of the Holy Trinity (Anglican Cathedral)  (see LINK) in the foreground – Col HRH Prince George of Cambridge resided there and it subsequently became Artillery House and many years later Fortress Headquarters before eventually becoming part of the Government Secretariat   ( 1839 – William Lacey ) 

Meet of the Calpe Hunt in the Second Venta in the Cork Wood   (From nature by Major E. Napier, 46th Regiment ) (See LINK

Top sketches are of course a meet of the Calpe Hunt. The two fellows in the bottom left are fox diggers and the sketch on the right shows the Alameda in a band day   ( A page from an album on Gibraltar ) 

A Meet of the Calpe Hounds at the First Venta     ( Sketch by Lieut. Chas Mills for the illuminated Opening Address at an amateur performance in aid of the Hunt Funds in 1841 )

Racing at North Front   ( Lionel Edwards )  (See LINK)

The Garrison Library built in 1804   (See LINK

Exchange built in 1817, now the House of Assembly and the Spanish Chapel – the Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned in Main Street  (see LINK)  ( 1839 – William Lacey )

Meet of the Calpe Hunt, 11847 at Guadacorte


Left - Captain Lynedock Gardiner, RA. AMS and Hon. Secretary 1851 and 1853/4 – Right – Capt. A. T. Phillpots RA. Hon Secretary 1951/53

Sebastian the Earth-Stopper

Meet of the Calpe Hounds 1848/50

Richard Holmes born 1812 died out hunting 1888 – Every article of clothing and equipment shown in the photograph dated 1870 was made by himself, including the saddle, stirrup irons, bit and bridoon – even the buttons, breast pin and the studs with which the bridle is mounted. He never missed more than a week in any one season from about 1853 until his death

A sketch from Mr. Griffith’s scrap-book

After the Great Siege 1779-83 Gen. Eliott and the Duc de Crillon exchange visits. The Queen of Spain’s Chair can be seen in the distance to the north beyond Neutral Ground   ( From an oil painting by Gerald Hare )

The Calpe Hunt steeplechases, 1870 – Held at Campo Green, there were five races, including the Calpe Hunt Steeplechase won by Mr. “Boots” Wallace RA   ( 1870 - The Illustrated London News )

A run with the Calpe Hunt    (  c1870 -   J.B. Richardson)

Kennels North Front – Gnr. John Marshall, Earth-stopper and Kennelman, 1866-83, with John Dyer, Huntsman 1869-74 – The plaques on this building at the Kennels read: 
Erected 1869, Col. Hankey, Master of the Hounds, and Captain Richardson, RA. Treasurer 1869-70, Master 1870-1872

Meet at Orange Grove date is known but it is possibly that a taken under the direction of Colonel Creasy, RE at a meet there in January 1873, the first time a photograph is mentioned as having been taken at a meet. The figure on the grey facing camera, right foreground is R Holmes

Down from the Sierra Lorca, 1876  ( From a sketch by Captain E. H. Thurlow ) 

Away from the Pine Wood (1876 – From a sketch by Captain Thurlow )

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