The People of Gibraltar
1830 - Piaget et Lailavoix - Maps of Gibraltar

First let me get this out of the way - I don’t know who Piaget et Lailavoix were. In fact I don’t even know whether they are two people or just one. But I don’t think that is particularly important other than not being able to acknowledge properly several beautiful and historically interesting maps all of them engraved in stone by Laurent and published as lithographs in the Passage de Panoramas in Paris by the elusive Piaget et Lailavoux. Here are the maps.

1. A panoramic plan of the entire Rock and part of the Isthmus

2. A sketch of the southern area of Gibraltar with English captions. 

3. A plan of the town of Gibraltar with street identification key 

4. A plan of the fishing village of Catalan Bay (see LINK) with key identifying the main inhabitants and their houses

Sources for the original prints are vague as regards dates. They are all identified as having been published at any time during the 19th century. I suspect it will be impossible for me to come up with anything more precise but various clues - which I will try to identify while discussing the maps in detail - lead me to suspect that they refer to Gibraltar at some date no earlier than 1830.

The following links contain enlarged sections of each of the above maps. 

1. The Rock (See LINK)
2. The South (See LINK
3. The Town (See LINK
4. Catalan Bay (See LINK)