The People of Gibraltar
1905 - Charles Conder - A Brilliant Colourist

Charles Edward Conder was an English artist who was described by his biographer, Frank Gibson as:
. . . . a personality which was only equalled, but certainly not surpassed in his own particular time and his own particular way, by another genius, namely, Aubrey Beardsley. . . . his work has formed no school, though the influence of his painting on certain artists is undeniable. He was not even a great draughtsman, but he was an artist possessed of vast and astonishing powers of invention, and a brilliant colourist.

Charles Conder

If Gibson’s heavily illustrated book is anything to go by Conder was also a prolific painter - he was particularly well known for his fan designs. 

The Romantic Excursion

Unfortunately I have only been able to come across three painting which are remotely connected with Gibraltar - which he never visited. Both - as shown below - were painted during a visit to Algeciras in 1905.

Our flag in Algeciras

The Rock from Spain   (1905)

The Blue Waters of Algeciras   (1905)