The People of Gibraltar
1833 - Gibraltar in the News - 1833 - 1869

The British Fleet off Gibraltar

According to the Literary Gazette of 22 May 1847 the three engravings shown above were part of the following exhibition:
The Surrey Zoological Garden has commenced operations of access, and a grand pictorial representation of Gibraltar by Danson: the Evening siege of which is described to be a flaming spectacle, and worthy of popular acceptance.

Probably St Michael's Cave

1859 - All three above are from the Illustrated News of the World

1859 - Ladys' Newspaper and Pictorial Times

Signal Station

1859 - Gibraltar from Ronda - London Illustrated News

1859 - A rare engraving of Algeciras adapted from a photograph by Charles Clifford which is shown below - The view of the Rock from the Spanish town is taken from a painting by H.E. Allen

 Photograph of Algeciras by Charles Clifford which must have been taken before 1859 and is therefore one of the oldest extant

Painting by David Roberts

The Confederate sloop "Sumter" capturing two merchantmen off Gibraltar - unknown periodical

Brass cannons from HMS Courageau wrecked in 1796 rescued by Gibraltar divers ( 1864 - The Graphic) 

1866 - L'Univers Ilustre

1866 - Illustrated London News

1867 - Lady Airey was the wife of Richard Airey, Governor of Gibraltar