The People of Gibraltar
2019 - Rudecindo Mannia - Gibraltar

Rudecindo Mannia was born in 1896 and became one of Gibraltar’s best loved artists. His style can best be described as representative and uncomplicated. They reflect his love of photography which might explain the popularity of his many paintings to this day.

Rudecindo Mnnia - Self portrait

During World War II he and his wife and daughter were evacuated to Northern Ireland. After his return he spend the rest of his life on the Rock. His output was enormous and he always insisted on selling his paintings cheaply. He sincerely believed that his pictures were there to be enjoyed by everybody.

In 2005 the Government of Gibraltar named seventeen new buildings in the Edinburgh housing estate after locals who were regarded as leading Gibraltarians of the twentieth century. One of the buildings was dedicated to his memory.

Rudecindo Mannia died in 1979 and in 2008 he was posthumously awarded the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour for services to art. The following is just a small selection of his work.

La Caleta

Governor's Parade

Hargraves, Flat Bastion Road area, and the upper town section with the Sacred Heart Church on the left

Wellington Memorial

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Main Street - Cathedral of St Mary The Crowned

Grand Parade by Red Sands Road

The Law Courts

Devil's Gap Saluting Battery

Prince Edwards Road

French Consulate

Top of Crutchett's Ramp

 View over Rosia Bay

Europa Road and entrance to the Rock Hotel

Scud Hill on left and Cumberland Road

Upper Rock

Upper Witham's Road

Witham's Road

The Rock from San Roque

Rock from Spain

Rock from La Atunara

Cable Car 

By the Trafalgar Cemetery

Unknown alleyway

Upper Castle Street

The Cross of Sacrifice

Police station - Irish Town

North Pavilion Road

Waterport Harbour area now long ddisappeared with the construction of Ocean Village

The Rock from Spain

 Cannons in the Alameda
(Courtesy of the family of the late Yvonne Devincenzi)

Church of  Our Lady of Sorrows - Catalan Bay
(Courtesy of the family of the late Yvonne Devincenzi)