The People of Gibraltar
1960 - Allan Hails - Allan Hailstone - Gibraltar

During the early 1960s, a photographer called Allan Hails - or could it have been Hailstone? -  took a large and wide-ranging set of photographs of the Rock. I have been unable to find out whether “Hails” was a professional or an amateur photographer nor whether he ever actually sold his photographs to any particular magazine. 

Allan “Hailstone” on the other hand was born in Coventry. According to Amberly Publishing:
In 1957 left he left Coventry to study at London University. His camera always went with him, and the reels of film and their accompanying notes grew in size. He visited many other countries and recorded life as he saw it. Throughout his adult life, Allan never lost his passion for photography, and has amassed an archive of hundreds of images.
The problem is that I cannot find any connection between the fellow with the “Hailstone” surname and the Gibraltar photographs.

Nevertheless whatever his surname, to anybody like me who lived on the Rock as a young man during that particular decade, Allan’s photos are a study in nostalgia. The following are just a few of the 80 or so I have been able to trace.