The People of Gibraltar
1979 - Hounds are Home - Part 2

On the Sierra Lorca   ( Capt. “Pop” Thurlow )

With the Hounds at Gibraltar   ( 1876 - The Graphic )

( 1876 )

The Kennel Cup at the Calpe Hunt Steeplechase held at Campo Green and won by Capt. “Bunkum” Luxford, Royal Welsh Fusileers – The Queen of Spain’s Chair is in the distance
( 1878 )

Cdr. James Baker RN - Master 1880/81

The Calpe Hunt Kennels, next to the cemetery at North Front - rebuilt in 1884 during the Governorship of H.E. Gen. Sir John Adye 

( 1885 )

Meet of the Calpe Hunt at Long Stables ( 1886 – The Graphic )

Mr Pablo Larios elected master in 1891

The five Larios brothers at El Tesorillo – from left to right, Carlos, Augusto, Leopoldo, Ernest and Pablo  ( 1909 )

Antonio Rodríguez – Earth-stopper, with Languish   ( 1891 )

“Special” passes only

Miss Phoebe’s Hunting Experiences at Gibraltar    (1904 - Lieutenant Collison-Morley )

Meet at the Duke of Kents Farm  (1905)

Antonio Rodríguez – Earth-stopper 1893 to 1917 with his terrier Judy

The First River, Powell, Kennel Huntsman and two Whippers In on the way to a meet with the hounds   (1907 )

Major Mansel – right – with Col. and Mrs. Cecil Hill

Miss Kenyon, (Pretty Kitty) the C.R.E’s daughter riding Lady Kildare at a picnic on the Queen of Spain’s Chair 

Scene from the North West Frontier Guard Room by a ‘victim’ – Going to the opening meet  ( 1906)

The Mount, Europe Road, residence of the Rear-Admiral in Charge and Admiral Superintendent of the Dockyard

His Excellency Gen. Sir Charles Monro

Talia - Eldest daughter of Pablo Larios – she was named after her godmother, Natalia, the Queen of Serbia. She later married the Marques de Povar