The People of Gibraltar
1832 - Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Batty 

Robert Batty was born in London in 1789. He was an English army officer, a medical doctor and a gifted amateur artist. From 1822 to 1833 he travelled throughout Europe recording his experiences in a series of drawings and paintings. At some point during his travels he must have been stationed in or visited Gibraltar as he produced quite a few engravings of the place - including 6 which were included in a book - Select Views of some of the Principal Cities of Europe. It was published in 1832. The book included single page vignettes explaining each picture as well as copies of the draft sketches which Batty used to produce the final versions.

All six engravings, together with their drafts and vignettes are shown below. Although the book's engravings were - I suspect - in black and white, I have been able to find elsewhere several tinted versions.These are also shown below.

Possibly by Batty but not included in the book