The People of Gibraltar
1911 - Oswald Lübeck - Onboard Photographer

During 1903 and 1904 Oswald Lübeck travelled as an onboard photographer - probably one of the first ever to do so - on the ships of the Hamburg-America Line. From 1911 to 1914 he took part in four world cruises one of which probably anchored in Gibraltar Harbour and allowed passengers to land. It was certainly on one of these - although I do not know which one - that he took these pictures of Gibraltar. 

The Rock from the Strait (See LINK

Europa Point 

The Rock from the Bay (See LINK

Passenger landing wharf

The wharf and the rather unattractive entrance into town - the building on the left was a large general warehouse called the King's Store and locally as Los Almacenes del Rey

The old market place (See LINK) - The two gates on the right were known as the Watergates. (See LINK) They disappeared in 1927 when the defensive wall - shown on the photo and known as Chatham's Counterguard - was demolished  

Casemates Gate from the Casemates. The second gate on the right was built in 1884. Today both gates are known by their plural and awkward to pronounce name of Grand Casemates Gates. The gate seen through the first is one of the Watergates shown in the previous picture

The town looking north-west. The "New Bridge" known locally as the Viaducto appears in the top right corner above the white building

Moroccan vendor in the Alameda Gardens (See LINK) with the Assembly Rooms in the distance - the ground in front of it was the Grand Parade. The gharries were probably being used as transport by tourists

Tourists sitting under the bust of General Eliott (see LINK)  in the Alameda Gardens

Bridge in the Alameda Gardens with several tourists - passengers no doubt from Lubeck's ship

The same bridge with a few more tourists

The bridge overcrowded with tourists

The bridge - a hand-tinted print 

Also hand-tinted, the harbour from the gardens - the building in the middle is the Admiralty Tower

The battleship HMS Prince of Wales probably in Dry Dock no 3 which was also known as King Edward VII Dock. According to a local ex-navy man the ship was refitted in Gibraltar in 1911 - which suggests that this one and perhaps all the other photos were taken that year

North of the "Viaducto" 

Near the "Viaducto"

Leaving the Rock under a heavy levanter 

With acknowledgments to Alex Panayotti who pointed me in the right direction.